Eastleigh Revisted

I do not really mean “revisited”.  I do live here after all.  I’m adding an update to a blog post I did in the middle of 2015, where I looked at the empty shops in the town centre.  Read that post here.

There has been quite a few changes over the two and a half years, although in some cases there has been no change as you will see.  Other shops have also come and gone but are not included here.  To be honest, it’s not too bad.  There doesn’t appear to be as many empty shops as last time, so that’s good.

Let us have a look at what hasn’t changed.

The former restaurant know as “Ghandi’s Chopsticks” is still closed, although I think it has had some refurbishment.A shop stands empty in Eastleigh, Hampshire, United Kingdom UK.

JKS Wine Bar – still awaiting refurbishment!  I did hear that somebody might be taking it over, but I won’t hold my breath.An empty former bar in Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK

The old Chinese medicine shop finally had the scaffolding taken down, allowing for the paving to be put down. It’s still empty though.Empty shop in Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK

What about the shops that are now empty since my last round of photos.

The former Oxfam has been empty for a while.  It is a shame that this closed down as I used to get some good books there.
Closed shop in Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK

This was originally Blockbusters when I first moved to Eastleigh.  Then it’s been a second hand game shop for some time.  Rumour is that it will be a Piri-Piri chicken restaurant, although Eastleigh already has a Nando’s.Closed shop in Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK

Store Twenty One.  A recent casualty.   This is part of a building that contains an old night club.  I think the council need to buy it, demolish it and build some affordable flats.
Empty shop in Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK

So that leaves the shops that were empty, and are now occupied.

The former CO-OP travel is now a barber shop.
Barber's in Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK

Another barber shop in what was a hairdresser.  An Estate Agent where the Daily Echo used to be.
Barber's and Estate Agents in Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK

Phone Gadgets 4u in the formally closed down Phone 4u shop.  Original thinking there…  The shop next door has had a bit of a revamp!Shops in Eastleigh, Hampshire

Shakeaway finally closed down, and was replaced by a cafe.  As a homage to the original occupants they have left one bit of yellow wall.
Cafe in Eastleigh, Hampshire

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