At last… A butterfly on the Buddleja

For a number of years, I’ve had a Buddleja in the front garden, and just trim it every now and then.  In Spring, it was chopped right to the ground because it was getting to woody, but it grew back and is a good size now.  However, there hasn’t been much flying life appearing on it… until the last couple of days, when I’ve seen quite a few butterflies.  Manly Large Whites, but I also saw a Speckled Wood, which is always nice to see.

This is a picture of the Large White.



Finally… a clean sensor

I finally got round to having my camera sensor cleaned!  So it’s nice not to have to spend the time dealing with spots in the picture.  This was taken with my Tamron macro lens.  Our garden is currently alive with bees.  Buff tailed, White tailed, Red tailed, Honey bees, plus numerous other flying creatures.  We aren’t getting many butterflies though.


Coppice in Hampshire

This is an area that volunteers and staff from National Trust have been coppicing over the last few months.  The area is known as a PAWS (Plantation on Ancient Woodland Sites).  By this it means softwood has been planted for financial reasons, changing the makeup of the wood.  Much of the softwood has now been felled with the aim of returning the site to a native woodland.  The area in this picture is hazel coppice.  The idea is to cut an area each year, so you end up with different areas for different wildlife.  The area has been fenced to stop deer eating the new hazel shoots.  This time last year, you would have been lucky to see any sky from where this picture was taken.