I’ve been lucky enough to get hold of some Vivitar flashes.  Two 285s and one 283.  I bought them off a guy from work.  They also come with a couple of optical sensors, which means I can now trigger four flashes using my two Phottix Strato II triggers.  The other flash is my Nikon SB-900.

The Vivitar flashes are pretty basic, with 4 stop difference in flash power.  However they are supposedly robust, so I will use them for outdoor shoots and see how they get on. Here’s a picture of them with one of the optical triggers.


Canon S100

I’ve been on the lookout of a compact camera for a while.  I love the SLR but sometimes it’s just a pain to carry around.  I’ve got addicted to using RAW though, so I needed a camera that would support that format.  I finally decided on a Canon S100.  It’s being replace with the Canon S110, so prices have dropped (a bit!).  I’ve only had the camera a couple of days so here are a few trial photos.

My favourite of these is the Eastleigh College bag.  Not because it’s an interesting picture, but because it was taken in a lit room,  ISO1600 and no flash, and with a bit of help of the Noise Reduction in Lightroom it’s cleaned up beautifully.

I have high hopes for the camera.

Nikon 35mm f/1.8 DX

This is my latest toy. The Nikon 35mm f/1.8 DX lens. This is to go onto my Nikon D40 which I plan to keep with me. Why a prime lens? I want something that doesn’t make me lazy, and makes me think. As much as I love my 18-200 mm lens, I wanted something that would make me move around. Also the 35mm is close to the ‘standard’ 50mm lens that you would use on a film camera. I originally bought a Nikon f/1.8 50mm lens, but this doesn’t auto focus on the D40 and can be a bit too ‘long’.

We’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.