Eastleigh – Following on

It’s been around two and a half years since I wandered around and had a look at which shops were empty or had something interesting about them.  Here is the previous post.

So I’ve been out to see what I can document

Of course this time around, we are in a very different situation with covid-19 and it’s difficult to know where we will be this time next year.

The former Oxfam which became a Bright House when they moved out of the Swan Centre, now appears to be closed.shop in eastleigh, hampshire

I think this was a Nail Bar… but it has gone.shop in eastleigh, hampshire

I’m not sure when this opened… it was the sewing shop, and I’m guessing it opened before lockdown.
shop in eastleigh, hampshire

Also, I don’t know when this appeared… or remember what it was!shop in eastleigh, hampshire 

AC Models looks to have closed half the shop – this was where the Games Workshop stuff was sold, so I don’t know what the plan is.shop in eastleigh, hampshire

JKS Wine Bar did reopen, now called The Chalet.shop in eastleigh, hampshire

The Italian Restaurant looks to have closed (although it’s difficult to tell).shop in eastleigh, hampshire

This was an estate agent… Still got the Rightmove logo in the window.shop in eastleigh, hampshire

I think this opened since last time, in a former kitchen shop.shop in eastleigh, hampshire

This has replaced a newsagent.  Haven’t had cause to go in though.shop in eastleigh, hampshire

Store Twenty One finally bit the dust.  This whole building is a bit of a mess now and needs something doing with it.
shop in eastleigh, hampshire

Carphone Warehouse isn’t going to reopen, and so you have to go to Currys-PC World.shop in eastleigh, hampshire

Sailors’ Society charity shop has closed down.
shop in eastleigh, hampshire

This opened just before lockdown.shop in eastleigh, hampshire

This was the greengrocers who moved next door, then it became a pasty shop, but it has now closed.shop in eastleigh, hampshire

This was Thomas Cook, who got taken over by Hay’s Travel – which already has a shop in Eastleigh.
shop in eastleigh, hampshire

Empty last time round, this is now a Nail Bar.shop in eastleigh, hampshire

This looks to have finally closed. It even had a makeover since last time…

shop in eastleigh, hampshire

The former Ghandi’s Chopsticks is now a dance centre.  It looks to have reopened since closing for lockdown. I hope it works out. shop in eastleigh, hampshire

There are other shops in the Swan Centre that have closed – including Argos at the moment.  I hope that reopens but I suspect it won’t.