The Importance of Keeping Your lens clean

So this is one of the photos I took at the start of the Fastnet. I’ve fiddled around dramatically to show the “spots”. This is the junk I’ve that’s been on my lens for a bit, but use it in an environment with a bright background, and it will clearly show up.  On running some tests, I also found a small hair? that showed up as a splodge at fast shutter speeds, and at three seconds it could be seen clearly.  Here be a lesson to us all! This photo is full size so see it in all its gory detail!Dirt!

Beginners Portrait Course

I spent the morning on a beginners portrait course. I wasn’t so much interested in how to take portraits because I’ve read quite a lot in books and magazines, and videos from the web. I was more interested in how the course was presented, and what kind a things were taught. There were areas that were interesting and I learned more about why f/2 is actually a wider aperture than f/16. Who’d have thought the ‘/’ actually meant ‘divided by’! Technical issues aside (when the laptop with the presentation failed), and the confusion over the start times, the course was ok, but I think there would be better ways to teach it. Maybe I should have a go. The photo is of my fellow students in action. No… I don’t actually have a portrait photo.

Photoshop Elements 10 and Lightroom 3 on Lion

Having enjoyed the integration between Lightroom 3 and Elements 8 on Windows 7, I was expecting to find the same on Lion.

By default it didn’t work! Trying to open a picture from Lightroom just ended up with the Elements prompt to Edit or Organise, and clicking on Edit resulted in no photo.

The secret is to use just the Elements Editor! There is a single application which you can see in the picture below. Open with this and it works just fine. As a bonus I can open the Editor directly as I don’t use the organiser in Elements.