Where Once There Was Softwood…..

This is Foxbury in the New Forest.  This used to be a softwood plantation, but now the timber has been extracted and the National Trust are returning it to heathland.  There is some planting of hardwood going on, and a constant battle against the invasive rhododendron, but with an army of volunteers (of which I am one) we are slowly and surely getting there.Foxbury


‘Resuscitare’ is a new sculptural installation at Mottisfont House and Gardens in Hampshire by Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva.  These are five trunks that have been in the woods on the Mottisfont estate for some time,  and have been extracted from the woods, cleaned, patterned with gold gilding, and then buried in the ground in a circle (within an existing beach tree circle) with the roots at the top.  My contribution was digging the holes to put the trunks into!  This is my slightly different view of the installation.  Terrific work, with the help of Mottisfont staff and volunteers, and well worth a trip up to Mottisfont to see it.


Mini Kiln

Wow….  Having a go with my wide angle lens (10mm on a D7000) has made the kiln look tiny.

This was a good burn with the kiln running as it should.  The three chimneys were equally spaced and all smoking.  I was finished by 4 in the afternoon, rather then by 6.30 which is what normally happens.  I’ll put this down to getting the starting fires going quickly, plus drier wood, and less wind.