Volunteering at Slindon

South Hants National Trust Volunteers were at the forefront of ‘The Rise of Northwood’ project where they helped to erect tree shelters for a new wood pasture.

The project is being carried out on the National Trust’s Slindon estate, where they are converting areas of former agricultural land, back to to woodland.  An exciting five year project.

Trevor strikes a pose.



Shhh… Backgrounds on the cheap

I tend to take pictures against a wall or plain background, normally grey because I don’t have anything else.  Or so I thought, until I was making the bed and decided a duvet cover would make a good background.  This is the result.  The duvet cover was actually blue, but I change the hue in Lightroom to match the jumper!  So now, I’m going to going to the cheap shops to pick up more covers.

Self portrait