BTEC – ‘Multi-Monopoly’

This was completed for “Games”.  I wanted to get macro-shots of all the tokens in a monopoly set.  As colour is an import part of the Monopoly board, I wanted to incorporate all the colours too.  As part of the digital manipulation requirement I used  Photoshop to build the final image.

Multi-MonopolyIn case you weren’t sure which version of Monopoly this is from, it is the “Stoke-on-Trent” version.

BTEC – ‘What’s Next??’

Somewhat confusing title.  The ‘What’s Next??’ refers to the title of the picture below… not what I’m going to do now that I’ve finished my BTEC.

I’ve finished my Level 2 in photography which I have been doing for the past year. although I still seem to be waiting for the results!   For the final portfolio we had to submit 15 photos based on three categories.  I chose “People in the Countryside”, “Games” and “Drinks”.

Over the next couple of weeks or so I intend to upload the pictures, so you can see what I ended up with.  I hope you like them.  I was more pleased with some that others, and did end up with quite an eclectic mix I think.

‘What’s Next??’ was completed for ‘People in the Countryside’.  The aim was to capture a social documentary photo of a local volunteer group,  (of which I’m chairman).  I was trying to get a range of photos in this category, so this one was unplanned.

What's Next??

Tilt Shift

Another Saturday morning, another photo trip for my BTEC.  This time to The Watercress Line starting in Alresford in Hampshire.  This was so called because it used to be the line that took the local watercress up to London.  I think it closed in 1973.  One of it’s other uses was as a diversion route between London and Southampton if there was a problem on the main line.  I wish they still had it given the number of times the main line is closed for repair!  Anyway, I’m not really a train person, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to get a tilt- shift effect in. (Done in Photoshop Elements)

Trip to the Watercress Line

A Pleasant Walk…

Recently I had a walk round Eling in Hampshire, for my BTEC.  It’s opposite Southampton’s container port, but is teeming with birds and has interesting views…. mainly of electricity pylons.  However we did come across one area that was teeming with rubbish.  Why?  I could however use this as “Discovered Still Life”

Trip to Eling, Hampshire

Social Documentary…

…. is far more than pointing your camera at random people in the street and snapping away.  We had a walk round Winchester as part of my BTEC, including an early visit to the the cathedral, and part of the morning was getting social documentary shots.  It was harder than I thought.  Sure you can take photos, but are they really social documentary?  I don’t think many of mine were, although I did see some opportunities where the photos could have been… but I wasn’t forward enough to take those.

I like my ‘Man bringing home the shopping’ picture though.

Man Shopping

Playing With Colour Channels

This week on my course we were taking black and white film photos using colour filters, and then developing the negatives.  This is all very interesting, but it’s now made me look more at the filter and colour channel adjustments that can be made in Lightroom.  This is a conversion of a photo I took in October on Stockbridge Down near to Winchester.

Stockbridge Down

Putting it all together

As we’ve been attempting portrait photography on my course I thought I should have a go with some of the bits and bobs I’ve been collecting. For the pictures below the basic setup was a single Nikon SB-900 flash triggered with some cactus remote triggers  (which are very good… except sometimes it looks like the sync speed is completely out, as I get banding) positioned front, right and above and a grey background I recently bought.

The top two photos use an umbrella as a diffuser, and the bottom two are with a bare flash.  For each set,the picture on the right has a reflector positioned bottom left.


I reckon, based on this set of pictures, the flash without the umbrella, and the the reflector are the way to go.

They we go.  Practise run over….

BTEC – Trip to London

On Saturday 24th November some of the BTEC course members, plus members from one of the other groups headed up to London principally to view the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum, and the Taylor Wessing Portrait Awards exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.  There was also going to be the chance to take photos round London.  Weather wise it was awful.  It rained all day, but considering the flooding in other parts of the UK, we shouldn’t really complain.

Things I learned from the exhibitions.

1)  Photos the I think maybe bad, can win prizes.

2)  I generally prefer photos with people in.

3)  The importance of backgrounds.

There’s a lot of things to think about, but I’m even more excited about Photography.

I did manage to get some photos while I was up there, and even got the ‘panning’ shot I wanted.

london bus

The full set can be found here