Pig Love

We recently visited “The Edible Garden Show” at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire.  There was many things to see, and advice to be had, but my favourite part was the small holding section with pigs, goats, hens and ducks.  As we were there in the afternoon, it seemed to be when most of the pigs were having a siesta. These were my favourites.


Bluestar 6

A group of us recently embarked on the “Bluestar 6”.  A pub crawl from The Forge in Otterbourne, to The Monksbrook in Chandlers Ford.  The name comes from the fact the pubs are on the Bluestar bus route (although not the number 6, and The Monksbrook is about 2 minutes of the route) and there are 6 pubs.  Simple really.  Here are some of my drinking colleagues going through the underpass…

… and The Otter pub

Canon S100

I’ve been on the lookout of a compact camera for a while.  I love the SLR but sometimes it’s just a pain to carry around.  I’ve got addicted to using RAW though, so I needed a camera that would support that format.  I finally decided on a Canon S100.  It’s being replace with the Canon S110, so prices have dropped (a bit!).  I’ve only had the camera a couple of days so here are a few trial photos.

My favourite of these is the Eastleigh College bag.  Not because it’s an interesting picture, but because it was taken in a lit room,  ISO1600 and no flash, and with a bit of help of the Noise Reduction in Lightroom it’s cleaned up beautifully.

I have high hopes for the camera.