Woodmizer Magic

This week, I have mostly been involved in making boards using a Woodmizer.  Well… I haven’t made the boards, that was left to a skilled operator.  I just operated the fork lift to move things around, and throw the slab wood in piles.  But it’s been a good 3 days that I have been involved and everyone can be proud of our efforts.  This is a photo of one our our bigger trunks.  Impressive!



How Far Should You Go?

The majority of photos needs a touch up (unless you know what you are doing or are Amazon of course with the patent for photographing an object against a white background. It needs no touching up.)

I took the photo below which was more for the record of the area rather than get a great photo.  I probably would have gone at a different time of day to try and achieve better light if I had time.  It’s underexposed (deliberately) and the sky was a wash out.



I decided I would replace the sky…. I’ve never been keen on this because I think it detracts from the effort that a photographer puts in to get the perfect shot.  If you’ve only got one chance to get a photo though, should it be okay to put in a new sky?  Probably yes as long as you don’t enter the photo into a competition. I used a combination of Photoshop and Lightroom to alter the photo.




Woodland Abstract

This was an attempt at some Abstract Photography!  I think everyone has had a go at this.  Slowish shutter speed and rotate your camera upwards.  It is quite a nice effect though.  I especially liked the curved trees at the edges.

I did do a couple of changes in Lightroom.

1) Decreased the Clarity

2) Applied a Split Tone.  Blues in the shadows, orange in the highlights.

3) Applied a small vignette.


Woodland Abstract


The Obligatory Bluebell Shot….

At this time of year, it’s important to go out and capture the bluebells that carpet this green and pleasant land.  I have a good reason to be satisfied with the bluebells this year, because this area in the photo is one that I have worked on as part of my volunteering with National Trust.  We have cleared and expanded the ride through the woods – mainly to help the butterflies move around, but as a bonus it helps the bluebells because of the extra sunlight.Bluebells


Widgeons at Testwood Lakes – I need a longer lens.

We went along to Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust’s Testwood Lakes today. It’s a lovely location just off the M27 with an education centre and bird hides.  We spent some time in one of the hides trying to get some decent shots…. as always, the birds are a bit further away then your lens will comfortably reach.  My Nikon only goes to 200mm.  Interestingly I still see articles in photographic magazines, suggesting if you have a crop factor, then the lens “reaches further”.  Sure, it appears to fill more of the frame than if you used full frame, but it doesn’t get your any closer to the action.  I think magazine should clarify what they are saying.

Anyway… I like the shot but I’ve had to crop it a HUGE amount to get it any where near the picture I wanted.

Testwood Lakes

Mottisfont – Where’s The River Test??

I paid a visit to Mottisfont House and Gardens this morning.  This is where I volunteer on a Monday, mainly in the countryside.  The River Test, famous for its fishing, runs through the estate, and I’ve been watching it gradually encroach into the surrounding fields.  The change between Monday and today, is astonishing and now the fields are completely flooded.  The UK has been at the receiving end of a conveyor belt of storms coming across the Atlantic, and many areas are flooded, in some cases up to five metres deep.  It’s difficult to predict when the floods may even start to recede.  We had a storm most of yesterday afternoon and evening, and the water from that will take a couple of days to filter down.




I bring you ‘The Highland’

Cows are very inquisitive.  You might think they stand in a field all day eating grass and heading to the barn to be miked, but if you wander past, even at a distance they will look up to see what’s going on, and probably even head over to you.  If they have calves and they head over to you, you may want to think about getting out of there.

These are one of my two favourite breeds, the other being Belted Galloways,   I love the Highland’s crazy hair, and knowing that you could leave them in all weathers and they wouldn’t bat an eyelid.


Not a Competition Entry!

I had intended to enter the photo below, and the one in the previous post into a local competition…. until I printed them out, and realised because of the size they need to be mounted, neither would look right.  Realistically they needed to be 12×8. so I  need to have a rethink about what I should enter.  I like to crop things to unusual sizes, but in some cases that is not always helpful.

The Solent

Competition Entry

I’m hoping to enter this into a local competition.  I suspect though that they may have seen a lot of photos of Farley Mount.  I’m waiting for it to come back from the online printers.  A nice lady phoned me up to ask me if I she should cut the white border off, as it will be smaller than the picture size I ordered.  I will wait to see how it comes out!

Farley Mount