Cows on the march

I was on Stockbridge Down in Hampshire, trying to take landscape pictures, when it turned out I was standing in the way of a herd of cows who wander The Down. Cows are very curious by nature so they stared at me for a while and investigated the contents of my camera bag.  I tried to get some shots, but my camera had been set up for landscape, and most of them were a bit overcooked.  This one was taken as the cows wandered off.


I bring you ‘The Highland’

Cows are very inquisitive.  You might think they stand in a field all day eating grass and heading to the barn to be miked, but if you wander past, even at a distance they will look up to see what’s going on, and probably even head over to you.  If they have calves and they head over to you, you may want to think about getting out of there.

These are one of my two favourite breeds, the other being Belted Galloways,   I love the Highland’s crazy hair, and knowing that you could leave them in all weathers and they wouldn’t bat an eyelid.