The mystery of the Nikon D500

The mystery is… Why is it so expensive?

I’d like to upgrade my D7000 to “something”, but it doesn’t look like the D500 is an option.  It’s good that Nikon finally have a replacement for the D300 but the D500 doesn’t seem to have the features to warrant the price.

There seems to be two main selling points in my eyes.

  • 10 FPS shooting speed
  • EXPEED 5 image processor

The 10 FPS is great if you are into sports photography (which I am, but not to a level I would ever need 10 FPS).  The updated processor would probably be worth it because technology moves on, and hopefully I would see better results (Although I’m still amazed at what my D40 can produce).  I don’t shoot video either, so any improvements in that area would not be a clincher for me.

So £1729 for a processor upgrade is a lot of money. (And before you say, I will offset some of the cost by selling the D7000, a) I’m terrible at selling anything, b) I’m not convinced my D7000 works properly as I do seem to have the back auto-focus issue, so wouldn’t sell it).

The real problem I see is for off camera flash.  I use the pop up flash on my D7000, in commander mode to trigger my SB910.  Now, the infra red control is not necessarily the best, but it generally works.  The D500 doesn’t have a pop up flash, but uses radio instead.  Which means replacing the SB910 with something else… Ah yes, the £499 SB5000.  Half-a-thousand pounds for a Speedlight! (If the camera isn’t overpriced, the flash certainly is). A cheaper option would be the SU-800 but then I’m buying old, if not soon the be obsolete technology.

So until the D500 drops in price, then it’s really not an option.  I also read somewhere that they have delayed shipping, due to over demand.  Really???  If that’s true,why does over demand delay shipping?

So what’s the alternative.  Well I reckon a D750 body, which is a lot cheaper, and an 85mm 1.8, would do the job for me.  I like portraits so this would seem to be a good combination and I have a FFS to go with my DX sensor.

There’s also another option.  Abandon Nikon altogether and go a different route.  Maybe Fuji…. They seem to be making great cameras and lenses.

Only time, and my bank balance will tell.