Another Low Light Experiment

This time I tried with the kitchen clock that hasn’t actually worked but has been sitting on my kitchen wall for the last four years.  The clock was layed on the floor with the camera positioned above (using a unstable microphone stand), and then a number of shots were taken round the sides, and the clock face.  When I processed them in Photoshop Elements,  I applied a colour filter to each layer.


Experimental ?!?!?!?!

There’s an element of my course, that is “experimental”.  However, I’m not really sure what that is yet. So in the meantime, I’m going to assume this is more than manipulating exposure and white balance in Lightroom, and  I’m going to experiment with some pictures in Photoshop Elements.

One day, I may get something I like… Perhaps not… I’m not sure “art” is my strong point.  I wonder if my old art teacher would  have liked this?