Low level light stand

I recently bought some Elinchrom D-Lite RX Ones, which are brilliant lights for people on a budget… or you need something with a bit less power.  What I did find though, was that the lowest setting for the stand was too high for having a low level light pointing upwards.  I looked a getting a shorter stand, but then had a much better idea.  The Joby Gorillapod.  It’s awesome.  Not only does it do what I want, I also now have the Gorillapod for my camera!


Shhh… Backgrounds on the cheap

I tend to take pictures against a wall or plain background, normally grey because I don’t have anything else.  Or so I thought, until I was making the bed and decided a duvet cover would make a good background.  This is the result.  The duvet cover was actually blue, but I change the hue in Lightroom to match the jumper!  So now, I’m going to going to the cheap shops to pick up more covers.

Self portrait