Hockey Action

Again I’ve been looking through some older pictures to see if there is anything I can do with them.   I took some photos as part of my BTEC at a local hockey match.  At one point,  I took multiple shots of the players running out from the goal when it was a corner.  These looked ok on their own at the time, but looking at them again I wanted to try and create more of an action feel.  So I overlaid three of the the pictures, and fiddled around a bit with the opacity etc.  The one problem I had was that ideally the camera should have been on a tripod so that the goal and lines were exactly in the same place.  It nearly works!Hockey

Hockey, hockey, hockey.

Sports photography.  It’s one of my favourite areas of photography.  Probably because it generally involves people.  As part of my BTEC,  I spent the morning at a local hockey club getting some shots during a game.  I took a lot of photos.  Probably about 600 in the end, but really only got about 30 shots I liked. I tried not to take random shots, and moved around a lot to get different positions.  I also included photos that weren’t of the action.  I like to try and tell a story…. not sure if I’m managing that though.

This is my favourite shot of the shoot, because of the different movements of the players.


The full set can be found on Flickr.