Cows on the march

I was on Stockbridge Down in Hampshire, trying to take landscape pictures, when it turned out I was standing in the way of a herd of cows who wander The Down. Cows are very curious by nature so they stared at me for a while and investigated the contents of my camera bag.  I tried to get some shots, but my camera had been set up for landscape, and most of them were a bit overcooked.  This one was taken as the cows wandered off.


When you’ve got a friend

Every Monday I’m out in the woodyard making firewood.  Eventually it might get cold in the UK and more people will buy it.  Not at the moment though. Tomorrow is due to be the warmest Halloween on record.  I digress.  Every Monday this little chap appears (or there’s more than one and they all look the same).


Where Once There Was Softwood…..

This is Foxbury in the New Forest.  This used to be a softwood plantation, but now the timber has been extracted and the National Trust are returning it to heathland.  There is some planting of hardwood going on, and a constant battle against the invasive rhododendron, but with an army of volunteers (of which I am one) we are slowly and surely getting there.Foxbury