Where Once There Was Softwood…..

This is Foxbury in the New Forest.  This used to be a softwood plantation, but now the timber has been extracted and the National Trust are returning it to heathland.  There is some planting of hardwood going on, and a constant battle against the invasive rhododendron, but with an army of volunteers (of which I am one) we are slowly and surely getting there.Foxbury

BTEC – The ‘New’ New Forest

This was completed for “People in the Countryside”.  It depicts a group of volunteers planting new trees in the New Forest in Hampshire, England.  This was based on a photo I saw in the National Portrait Gallery in London called “Actors’ last Supper” by Alistair Morrison.  I liked how everyone was doing something different in a posed shot.  This wasn’t posed so though and it worked out really well.