Everyone loves a “self-portrait”

In the good old days, it was seen as a bit weird taking photos of yourself – now it’s social media acceptable.  In this case, I was seeing whether my 35mm lens on a D7000 would fit the entire sofa in the frame.   It didn’t, but my test shot came out a treat.  This was taken in natural light.

I also listened to a programme on the BBC World Service called “The Why Factor” about Portrait Photography which is well worth a listen to. Here’s a link.

Self portrait

Middle aged man, slobs out on the sofa

How Far Should You Go?

The majority of photos needs a touch up (unless you know what you are doing or are Amazon of course with the patent for photographing an object against a white background. It needs no touching up.)

I took the photo below which was more for the record of the area rather than get a great photo.  I probably would have gone at a different time of day to try and achieve better light if I had time.  It’s underexposed (deliberately) and the sky was a wash out.



I decided I would replace the sky…. I’ve never been keen on this because I think it detracts from the effort that a photographer puts in to get the perfect shot.  If you’ve only got one chance to get a photo though, should it be okay to put in a new sky?  Probably yes as long as you don’t enter the photo into a competition. I used a combination of Photoshop and Lightroom to alter the photo.