BTEC – The ‘New’ New Forest

This was completed for “People in the Countryside”.  It depicts a group of volunteers planting new trees in the New Forest in Hampshire, England.  This was based on a photo I saw in the National Portrait Gallery in London called “Actors’ last Supper” by Alistair Morrison.  I liked how everyone was doing something different in a posed shot.  This wasn’t posed so though and it worked out really well.


BTEC – ‘The Woodturner’

This was completed for “People in the Countryside”.  I wanted to get a classic black and white social-documentary style shot. This was taken at a local countryside fair.  I knew the woodturner would be there, and I was aiming to get a shot like this. What I like about the composition is that it is a photograph of a woodland activity, but with a building in the background, which makes for a “clash” of images. If it had been in a woodland environment then I think it would have been a less interesting picture.  Converting to black and white has worked well. The main feedback from my tutor was “I’d like to see more hands” – I think he was right…

The Woodturner

Photo shoot – The Cyclist

This week I had the chance to photograph one of my colleagues from work.  He had seen one of my pictures I wanted to see if we could get some of him.  This was pretty much my first portrait photo shoot, so there was quite a lot of experimenting.  I took a number of prime lenses – 35mm, 50mm and 90mm.  I also took a couple of flashes although only ended up using one.  There’s quite a lot of shadows in the pictures, and most I like but I think I could have used a reflector to reduce a few of them.  It was quite entertaining but I need to get quicker, and practice my patter! More photos can be found on Flickr