Photos are few and far between….

I’ve been a bit slack over the last year.  I haven’t taken anywhere near as many photos as I should have.  Actually, I should say I haven’t been out to take photos.  I realised this when I went to upload some pictures to Flickr from the 5k run at work, and saw that I hadn’t actually created many albums since the 5k run last year.  It’s at this point I should say “I will aim to create an album a week”, but targets don’t help me.  Deadlines do though, so I need to find a way to set deadlines.

Hursley 5k




As part of our work departmental games, one of the events was a 5k run around the site. This was done at lunchtime of a very hot day.  It was 28 Celsius when I left at 5pm so I don’t know what it was like at 12.  I was hot and I was in the shade!  I was asked to take some photos.  I tried a different approach this time in that I shot JPEG instead of RAW.  I thought I would take more photos, but actually I should have taken RAW anyway.  As there wasn’t that many runners I was able to try and get a couple of shots of all of them.  I used my Nikon 18-200mm lens, but there were times when I wish I had something faster, but I ended up with some decent images.

IBM Hursley 5k - 2013

The full set can be found here.

The Eastleigh 10K

I always try to get down to the Eastleigh 10k run if I can.  Last year, there were lots of people from where I work so I was concentrating on trying to get photos of them.  This year I wanted to try and get some slightly different angles, and use shots I’d thought about getting rather than random shooting.

Some worked, some didn’t.  I also worked out what shots I want next year. I did manage to get some shots of people I know though.

Eastleigh 10k

Task 5

As part of my BTEC course, I have to produce pictures for a number of tasks.  Task 5 was about movement and I needed to get a ‘panning’ shot.  I decided to go to the local Parkrun in Eastleigh to see if I could get a panning shot of the runners.  It turns out it is more difficult than I thought.  In order to get a blurry background, because the runners are relatively ‘slow’ you need to have a slow shutter speed… which in turn makes it harder to get a crisp shot of the runner.  Better to have a fast moving subject and use a faster shutter speed.  I did get one that I could use, but actually my favourite photo was the one below.  The runner is blurred, but in a way that makes the photo a bit surreal.  I’ve added a preset from Lightroom just to add to that effect.