Watching the Hoegh Osaka


I documented a photo trip to see this ship that had run aground in January this year.  The MV Hoegh Osaka is a car transporter, that had to be deliberately grounded on a sandbank in The Solent when the ship started to list, almost as soon as she left the port of Southampton.

At the time it was thought she would be there for sometime.  As she wasn’t in the shipping lane itself, there was no real urgency to remove her.  I can imagine anything blocking the shipping lane would be disastrous for Southampton, as the port is not only for goods, but many of the cruise liners berth there.

In the end, she floated on a subsequent high tide, so was inched to just outside Portsmouth harbour. With the cargo removed, and repairs made in Falmouth she returned to service in February.

This was one of the many people who went to the beach to view the ship.

Person on beach