Cows on the march

I was on Stockbridge Down in Hampshire, trying to take landscape pictures, when it turned out I was standing in the way of a herd of cows who wander The Down. Cows are very curious by nature so they stared at me for a while and investigated the contents of my camera bag.  I tried to get some shots, but my camera had been set up for landscape, and most of them were a bit overcooked.  This one was taken as the cows wandered off.


Mottisfont – Where’s The River Test??

I paid a visit to Mottisfont House and Gardens this morning.  This is where I volunteer on a Monday, mainly in the countryside.  The River Test, famous for its fishing, runs through the estate, and I’ve been watching it gradually encroach into the surrounding fields.  The change between Monday and today, is astonishing and now the fields are completely flooded.  The UK has been at the receiving end of a conveyor belt of storms coming across the Atlantic, and many areas are flooded, in some cases up to five metres deep.  It’s difficult to predict when the floods may even start to recede.  We had a storm most of yesterday afternoon and evening, and the water from that will take a couple of days to filter down.




Mini Kiln

Wow….  Having a go with my wide angle lens (10mm on a D7000) has made the kiln look tiny.

This was a good burn with the kiln running as it should.  The three chimneys were equally spaced and all smoking.  I was finished by 4 in the afternoon, rather then by 6.30 which is what normally happens.  I’ll put this down to getting the starting fires going quickly, plus drier wood, and less wind.