Hoegh Osaka

Sounds like it should translate as “beached whale”, which would be appropriate.  This was been beached on a sandbank in the Solent after it started to list. Salvage experts had hoped to move it today, but have had to abandon the task.  The Bramble Bank where it currently is appears once or twice a year at very low tides.  When this happens, there tends to be a game of cricket played.


Hoegh Osaka

More Sailing – The Fastnet

The Fastnet is a race from Cowes on the Isle of Wight to the Fastnet Rock, which is south of Ireland, then back to Plymouth. It’s a bit insane!  I would have liked to have gone over to Cowes to get some shots, but it’s getting more expensive to go on the ferry, so I want to Lepe Country Park on the mainland instead.  There’s a fabulous spit which people stand on which added to the pictures.  I did find I’d generally underexposed my pictures.  I should have added some +ve exposure compensation. as I was shooting in Speed priority mode.

The full set can be found here.