Photo shoot – The Cyclist

This week I had the chance to photograph one of my colleagues from work.  He had seen one of my pictures I wanted to see if we could get some of him.  This was pretty much my first portrait photo shoot, so there was quite a lot of experimenting.  I took a number of prime lenses – 35mm, 50mm and 90mm.  I also took a couple of flashes although only ended up using one.  There’s quite a lot of shadows in the pictures, and most I like but I think I could have used a reflector to reduce a few of them.  It was quite entertaining but I need to get quicker, and practice my patter! More photos can be found on Flickr


Eastleigh 10K

Last Sunday, I went over to my local 10km running race, not to take part of course (running wrecks my knees), but to see if I can get some shots. This year there was a number of my colleagues running, but I found it incredibly hard spotting everyone while they were running round. Next time I will definitely have to get an idea of their expected times so I can work out whether you’ve probably missed them or not.

The full set can be found here