BTEC – ‘Trivial Pie’

Completed for “Games”, I had originally intended this to be black and white and then colour pop one of the counters.  It never looked right though, so I left it in colour and I think it works really well.  It took a while to do though as many adjustments were needed to account for the perspective.  I nearly got it.  I look at it now, and see some minor adjustments that could have been made.


BTEC – ‘The Gambler’

This was completed for “Drinks”.  I wanted to create a still life based around drinks, and the idea of a gambler who had turned to drink appealed.  I also wanted to create a photo where the background was also a TV picture.  So I put a table next to the TV and ran a recording of a horse race.  It worked really well because of the motion of the horses.

The Gambler


And we are onto still life, which is again more difficult than I thought.  It’s not just a case of plonking some bits and bobs down and snapping away.  It involves way more thinking. I don’t think I’m particularly keen on the “classic” still life. The two that appear on my Flickr account were taken one night on the course, and I used them to explain what I thought was wrong… not least the flash I was using had basically no effect.  I think I know why now.  So I’ve started trying new things.  The photo below was taken when I spotted the fridge magnets I got from The Open University, and thought making an appropriate word out of them.  If it was better, I’d try and get it in a stock library!