Cows on the march

I was on Stockbridge Down in Hampshire, trying to take landscape pictures, when it turned out I was standing in the way of a herd of cows who wander The Down. Cows are very curious by nature so they stared at me for a while and investigated the contents of my camera bag.  I tried to get some shots, but my camera had been set up for landscape, and most of them were a bit overcooked.  This one was taken as the cows wandered off.


Searching Through Old Pictures

I was having a scan through some of my older pictures on Flickr, and came across this one.  I had hoped that it was going to be used by the National Trust, but nothing came of that.  Stockbridge Down has some stunning views, but I like its vast open spaces.  The fences seen on here are to protect burial mounds.   The first time I went there, I thought they were sheep pens.  Stockbridge Down is where you can often find me volunteering, mainly cutting back the scrub.  I think that was also my first real attempt at black and white conversion.

Stockbridge Down

Playing With Colour Channels

This week on my course we were taking black and white film photos using colour filters, and then developing the negatives.  This is all very interesting, but it’s now made me look more at the filter and colour channel adjustments that can be made in Lightroom.  This is a conversion of a photo I took in October on Stockbridge Down near to Winchester.

Stockbridge Down