‘The Twelve’

I love this.  This was created by two of the countryside volunteers at the National Trust’s Mottisfont House and Gardens in Hampshire.  It’s mother nature at it’s best.   These are posts that have been sitting in the river for… well I’m not sure how long for.  The bottom of the posts which were in the mud have been preserved and the tops which were out of the water haven’t been touched, but the middles have been worn away by the relentless flow of the river.  I think this is fantastic.

The Twelve

BTEC – ‘The Woodturner’

This was completed for “People in the Countryside”.  I wanted to get a classic black and white social-documentary style shot. This was taken at a local countryside fair.  I knew the woodturner would be there, and I was aiming to get a shot like this. What I like about the composition is that it is a photograph of a woodland activity, but with a building in the background, which makes for a “clash” of images. If it had been in a woodland environment then I think it would have been a less interesting picture.  Converting to black and white has worked well. The main feedback from my tutor was “I’d like to see more hands” – I think he was right…

The Woodturner

BTEC – ‘What’s Next??’

Somewhat confusing title.  The ‘What’s Next??’ refers to the title of the picture below… not what I’m going to do now that I’ve finished my BTEC.

I’ve finished my Level 2 in photography which I have been doing for the past year. although I still seem to be waiting for the results!   For the final portfolio we had to submit 15 photos based on three categories.  I chose “People in the Countryside”, “Games” and “Drinks”.

Over the next couple of weeks or so I intend to upload the pictures, so you can see what I ended up with.  I hope you like them.  I was more pleased with some that others, and did end up with quite an eclectic mix I think.

‘What’s Next??’ was completed for ‘People in the Countryside’.  The aim was to capture a social documentary photo of a local volunteer group,  (of which I’m chairman).  I was trying to get a range of photos in this category, so this one was unplanned.

What's Next??

Hardy Souls…

Well… not really.  This was a great day to be out in the countryside.  This was South Hampshire National Trust Volunteers removing Himalayan Balsam from river banks.  It’s an invasive species, which if left unchecked would take over the rivers and land around.  Apparently the seeds can be dispersed over something like 8m.  It’s a bit of a soul destroying task though, as there is so much of it!

The Luings were not impressed.

While taking photos of a bit of National Trust land so they have a record of its development over the next few years, we had to pass by the Luings, who decided to follow us.  I’m not sure if they thought they would get fed, or they were protecting their calves, but they came pretty close… but did stop just short.

(Not the sharpest picture in the box, but I was getting ready to run!)


Mini Kiln

Wow….  Having a go with my wide angle lens (10mm on a D7000) has made the kiln look tiny.

This was a good burn with the kiln running as it should.  The three chimneys were equally spaced and all smoking.  I was finished by 4 in the afternoon, rather then by 6.30 which is what normally happens.  I’ll put this down to getting the starting fires going quickly, plus drier wood, and less wind.