Christmas Day – 2016


Where’ s the snow? Given it’s 9 Celsius (not degrees Celsius- that was explained to me by Blue Peter many years ago) out there, it’s no surprise.  Our Winchester Rose is still popping out blooms.

Whether you believe climate change is man made, or part of a natural cycle, or a combination of both, the world is changing – and in a way that is going to be very hard to reverse.  When I was young you could guarantee at least a couple of feet of snow would fall giving the opportunity for sledging down at the golf course.  Now you are lucky if you get a smattering.

I’m sure we will get a cold snap around the end of January… which will catch South West Trains out, and cause problems with frozen conductor rails (Been there!).

I’d like to think things might change, but as more people commute further to work as jobs become more concentrated in smaller areas, and more people want to fly, and cruise companies build bigger and bigger ships (I’m not sure what Harmony of the Seas was pumping into the sky when I saw it earlier in the year) and energy demand continues to increase while sustainable energy sources cannot come on line quick enough, it’s going to be a struggle.